The Georgia General Assembly along with Gov. Zell Miller created the GCW in 1992.  Our mission is to advise our appointing officers and look at how laws affect women in Georgia and their families.  We study issues of concern for women, and we celebrate the successes of Georgia women.

The GCW has partnered with organizations across the state to understand how women in our state are faring.  In 1995, we worked with Linda Grant, PhD at the University of Georgia in a wide-ranging study of the status of Georgia women.  “Women in Georgia:  A Report to the Commission on Women” was published in 1996 and provided the guiding vision for our early years.

The legal guide, “Women & the Law:  A Guide to Women’s Legal Rights in Georgia,” was published by the GCW in 1997.  It looks at how state law uniquely affects women in all areas.  There is also a condensed version available in Spanish and English.

In the early 2000s, the GCW along with the Georgia Osteoporosis Initiative and the DHR’s Division of Public Health worked with the UGA College of Pharmacy’s Dr. Tommy Johnson to evaluate data on osteoporosis screenings conducted across the state.  We continue to work to inform the public of the risks of osteoporosis.

A partnership with the Atlanta Bar Association’s Women in the Profession Committee in 2004 yielded the report, “It’s About Time:  A Study of Part-Time Policies & Practices in Atlanta Law Firms.”  It looked at law practices and how their policies affected women.  It paid particular attention to women with families who worked part time or in home offices.