The Georgia House Study Committee on Children’s Mental Health held their second meeting on October 20, 2015.  They heard presentations from Amerigroup Georgia, Georgia Department of Community Health, Peach State Health Plan, and Well Care Health Plans, Inc.  Study Committee members include Rep. Katie Dempsey, chair, Rep. Joyce Chandler, Rep. Pat Gardner, Rep. Rick Jasperse, Rep. Randy Nix.


Earlie Rockette, Regional Vice President, Special Programs
Amerigroup Georgia

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Marcey Alter, Assistant Chief, Medicaid
Georgia Department of Community Health

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Jeff Luce, LPC, Clinical Director
Peach State Health Plan

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Dauda Griffin, MD, Behavioral Health Medical Director
Remedios Roderiguez, Senior Director, Behavioral Health Operations
Well Care Health Plans, Inc.

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The House Study Committee on Children’s Mental Health was created by the following resolution:

1 Creating the House Study Committee on Children’s Mental Health; and for other purposes.
2 WHEREAS, the Georgia General Assembly is concerned with the early intervention and
3 prevention of mental health problems in children and adolescents in Georgia and the
4 resulting impact this has on these children, their families, and the citizens of this state; and
5 WHEREAS, mental health problems in children can impact their ability to learn and function
6 successfully in educational settings, their future job performance and productivity as adults,
7 and their families and others; and
8 WHEREAS, the resources for children and adolescents with mental health problems face a
9 number of challenges concerning funding and other issues which strain their ability to deliver
10 optimal care for these children and adolescents; and
11 WHEREAS, available funding is divided among multiple state agencies and other entities
12 which must compete with each other for such funding; and
13 WHEREAS, the support of early intervention and prevention programs of the Department
14 of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities to identify and treat children with
15 mental health issues before such problems are deeply manifested should be encouraged; and
16 WHEREAS, it would be beneficial to study the issue of available resources for children with
17 mental health issues in this state and identify possible solutions or improvements in the
18 delivery of services, particularly concerning early intervention and prevention services.


Capitol 2 edit thumbnailMore information on the House Study Committee on Children’s Mental Health, including additional presentations and agendas of upcoming meetings, can be found on their website.