The Trailblazing Women of WWII

The following are the prepared remarks for a speech GCW Chair Karla Jacobs gave to the Creative Arts Study Club in Gainesville, Georgia on November 8, 2018.   Thank you so much for inviting me to speak to your study club today. It’s always a pleasure to be back...

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Happy New Year!

I do realize that January is almost over, so I’m a little late on the New Year’s Day greetings.  The month has passed by in a blur of snow and ice and busyness, and it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down any time soon. The Commission had a productive...

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Overalls and Pencil Skirts

I was born in overalls, or more accurately, I was raised in them. The moment I had the ability to think and move for myself, I ran full speed ahead to the most functional, albeit fashionable, OshKosh pair.  They fit unbelievably. Like the quintessential poster child...

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